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Unforgettable moment

Under The Radar

Some aspects of your move remain under your radar until it’s too late Here we take the opportunity to highlight some areas where difficulties are often faced during a relocation. These have the potential to become very problematic if left undealt with.   Relocating to another country is one of life’s unforgettable moments It is also one of the most exciting. Whether as a seasoned

Fed up with the 9 to 5? (or the 7 to 11?)

The Internet has without a doubt been a key enabler for much of today’s economy. From simply accessing information at a distance, to ordering and receiving your groceries in the comfort of your home, it has revolutionized the way we think and act. It has also opened up new possibilities for how we work. The classic 9-5 office job is no longer the gold standard.

Uncle Sam and Marianne

Case Study: US firm wants to hire someone in France We often hear about a global market for skills, and in a connected world such as today’s, there should be no issue with where people are based and how they work together. The recruitment industry has evolved in this direction, and if this is something you would like to know more about, you can read

Changes in the recruitment industry 20 years

The third and final part of our mini-series where we meet entrepreneurs who have ventured out.   This episode is rather a long read, which is fine for some. You might prefer to listen to it via our podcast. Today we will be talking with Mike Richards, who is a veteran of the recruitment industry. But more importantly, he is the founder and CEO of the Treasury Recruitment

New life abroad. New perspective. New questions?

Part 2 of our mini-series where we meet entrepreneurs who have moved countries.   James Smith is the founder of Tributize.com, an internet platform where users create web pages for everything they love. Tributes to friends, family and famous people, you’ll find them all on Tributize. James, you are originally from England, now living in Switzerland for many years. Is there anywhere else you lived before

Learning a Foreign Language

Part 1 of our mini-series where we meet entrepreneurs who have moved countries.   Martin is 27 years old, he is a linguist and a language teacher who speaks eight languages, of course not all of them equally well. Besides his studies and work, he runs a social project for people learning German, called Deutsch mit Martin, offering free online lessons. Martin, how important is it

How Firms Benefit From Freelancers

Over the course of the many projects I have been on, there inevitably comes a point where I am reminded of the existence of a red line, one that separates internal employees from external. It may be thin or thick, hidden or real, but in any case, it will sooner or later manifest itself in most firms. Following many lively discussions about the contracting industry, and freelancing in

To Corporate Brexit or to not Corporate Brexit? That is the question.

Coverage of Brexit in the media has been quite extensive and visible over the last two years. Tangible and workable results less so. What this means for businesses in the UK as well as in Europe is a lack of visibility, which of course affects the ability to plan and react to changes. For business owners this is discomforting to say the least, and the question

Adventurous Students

Becoming a student in the UK is not as easy as it once was, and is set to become even harder with Brexit. According to a recent report, there is a real risk of academic setback for the UK. For those with ties to countries outside of the UK, it will come as no surprise that there are many options for study that are comparable, and in some